Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April's fool

You are missing the enthusiastic stream of posts on this blog? Of course you are. Here is why they have been missing - the games of ÖSK, Milan and Spurs over the past three weeks. Not that things were great before that - Spurs have been showing bad form ever since i wrote a jinxing post on 12 January, shortly before  they drew Wolves at home and then losing against City in that gruesome 3-2 game. Örebro's 2011 season and transfer season did not give us much hope for greatness, and Milan had already experienced those defining moments that usually indicate a loser season: the referee robbery of Muntari's goal against Juve, losing to Juve on extra time in the cup, having a season of injuries crowned by Thiago Silva being ruled out, missing the opportunity to put real pressure on Barcelona, reducing the Serie A lead to 2 points.

But still. I would have hoped for something better than this: 1 win. 5 draws. 7 losses. Dismissal from Champions League and the FA cup. Most likely losing a title battle that was ours. Most likely losing a Champions League spot that was ours. And parking at the bottom of the Swedish league. Happy days.

2 April: Örebro SK-Åtvidaberg 3-4. Opening game of the season. Four goals conceded in the first half.
3 April: Barcelona-Milan 3-1. So. That was the Champions League.
7 April: Mjällby-Örebro SK 0-0
7 April: Sunderland-Tottenham 0-0
7 April: Milan-Fiorentina 1-2. Low point of the season. And suddenly Juve takes the lead by one point.
9 April: Tottenham-Norwich 1-2. Low point of the season. Great chance to take initiative in the CL battle lost. Was planning to be there with my wife. Glad I didn't go (it rained, too)
10 April: Chievo-Milan 0-1. A win! Against the run of play, they say (didn't see it)
11 April Örebro SK-Helsingborg 0-0
15 April: IFK Göteborg-Örebro SK 2-2. Late equaliser from the home team (and actually an erroneously disallowed home team winner during stoppish time).
15 April: Tottenham-Chesea 1-5. So. That was the FA cup.
21 April: QPR-Tottenham 1-0. The Champions League qualification suddenly seems very distant.
22 April: Milan-Bologna 1-1. Last minute equaliser. The scudetto suddenly seems very distant
23 April: Örebro SK-Elfsborg 0-2. Örebro is now last in the league of  16 and the only team without a win.

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  1. After celebrating Zenit St Petersburg's league title here in sunny St Petersburg, I was somewhat disturbed to find ÖSK losing again. This time to GIF Sundsvall. Usually, I'm not that much in favour of taking radical steps (i.e. getting rid of Mister), but this time it may be different. No win in something like 16 games in Allsvenskan makes the situation very complicated. On the one hand, give Mister time to develop our very young team or, on the other, getting rid of him in order to save the season...What's to choose?